Surf Schools in Sri Lanka

Take time to see beyond the beautiful rolling waves and the enchanting sea. Sri Lanka as much to offer with unforgettable trips to enhance your time surfing on Sri Lanka, if you are looking for a surf school in Sri Lanka or surf camp on this magical island Surf School Sri Lanka is your ideal choice.

There is a magic about Sri Lanka that cannot be expressed but only experienced. Beyond the smiling welcoming people and the enveloping tropical beauty there is a deeper peace. With a fascinating history enriched by many faiths, we know that your time on this captivating island will truly enhance your surfing experience.

Surfing in Sri Lanka promises uncrowded breaks that offer the perfect combination of glassy rideable peaks and bubbling lines of white water that the super warm Indian Ocean gives us. These waves are so learning curve friendly. Sometimes challenging maybe but never threatening and if there was one word to some up these waves it’s that word “ fun “ again.

Sri lanka is the ideal surfing destination to learn to surf or improve your surfing, from beginner to expert there is just the right spot for you on any given day. The consistency of the surf is amazing which of course suits you and coaching.

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Our own surf school, Surf School Sri Lanka, is based in the Southern area of Sri Lanka, in the Kabalana area. The area offers surf spot after surf spot and many of these breaks are uncrowded for much of the time, especially in the early mornings.
South Sri Lanka has a two distinct surf seasons and we concentrate much of our coaching from October till May. This time of year offers those glassy tropical slides you have in your dreams. From June till September there are tons of waves but often wind affected we but know the spots to get the most out of your time with us.

Surf School Sri Lanka

We are known for that care and attention at our Surf School Lanzarote over the last 21 years and before that in the UK and it turns our regular client base into an international family.

Surf Lessons in Sri Lanka

We base our surf coaching on you, the person on this surfing journey. With 35 continuous years of surf coaching we’ve developed unique techniques and a system that allows every individual to find personal progression and success. From total beginners we’ve seen become national surfing champions and who now coach others, this system works.

Intermediate and advanced surf coaching in Sri Lanka

We give intermediates a new and clear window on what it takes to steepen their learning curve and the tools to do that with long after they leave us. We take total beginners and give them a skill set that keeps them wanting to continue their progression and surf more and more.

Longboard Surfing

For long boarders we open up the possibilities of using their craft with greater style, control and grace. We also use the longest running surfer assessment scheme that we know motivates and inspires and this progression is backed up by our YouTube coaching channel.

Find out more about the level you are surfing at

Sri Lanka

So here in amazing Sri Lanka we have world of waves and coaching that will inspire, enrich and empower you to become the surfer you wish to be.

Perhaps that’s the key to our success, making your dreams our dreams and then making both a reality. From coaching you to designing your next board to planning your personal training to helping with your next surf trip, our level of involvement is total.

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