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As in many areas of our approach to surf coaching we know we are unique and that when it comes to the boards we offer at our school it’s a really special approach.

How many schools and camps to you know that have boards specifically designed for the waves you will be riding? That’s what we have done at Surf School Sri Lanka.

director tim jones with surf board
our custom made longboards
our custom made surf boards
Our Founder Tim Jones was involved in surfboard construction since 1980 and was able to design a range of boards that ideally suit all abilities and the waves you will ride here with us in Sri Lanka. Lots of time and study went into an incredible choice that we offer you.
From classic Fish outlines to amazing Egg’s and our mini longboard Little Miki range we have everyone covered and of course there’s a rack of classic Longboards as well. Carbon rails on your surf school board with high performance fins from Shapers, Australia.
surf boards
our surf boards
our custom made surf boards
We love the attention we’ve put into these boards and we know you will really enjoy them and find they benefit your surfing.
But if you have that special board at home you just have to bring then please do. It’s great to coach people on the boards they love and we can really explain the design to you.

We would really like to thank Adrian Phillips for all his input over the years, one of the UKs best shapers, check him out at https://www.fluidjuice.co.uk/

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