Surf Board Design Service

If you’re new to surfing, progressing through your first few boards, or with years of experience we can really help you, from beginner level right through to advanced surfers and with all styles of board.

All our clients are offered a FREE board design service or we can help you choose the right board off the internet shelf.

This unique service is backed up by over 30 years of board design and manufacture by our director Tim and an in depth knowledge of boards from our instructors.

Watch this video to see what our clients think of our free board design and board choice service that we offer.

boards designed by tim jones

We use only high quality and experienced surf board manufacturers worldwide and we have had positive working relationships with these shapers and factories for many, many years.

We stay financially uninvolved with all the products we recommend. This leaves us free to pursue what is always best for you.

Whither it’s a mid range egg, short board, long board or fish, we will have watched you surfing and will have exactly the right ideas for the board that best suits your needs and future progression.

Surfing is more popular than ever and there is a bewildering selection of boards. Many make the wrong choice….. Let us make the right choice for you.

“Whatever your experience level this school provides the chance to ‘Go for it.”

Mark Vaughen

British Junior Champion, British Squad member and 2007 Open and Senior Welsh Champion and Legend!

Here are some of the emails we have received from clients who have used this service:

Hi Tim,

I wanted to let you know that I collected my new board from Adrian at Fluid Juice this weekend.  It’s awesome, I’m obviously getting to grips with something completely different to what I have been previously riding but this is great, having fitted 7 sessions into 4 days this weekend, it is so much faster, more responsive and lighter.  I also got a cool spray job so when I can, I will email you some photos of it.

So, thank you very much for all your time and effort discussing and designing the board for me, I can feel that this is going to really push my surfing beyond the next level very quickly.

Best wishes,


Thanks so much for the surfboard advice. I finally went for the 9’6″ Robert August What I Ride Surftech.

Have just got back from a few days in Saunton and had sun and clean surf in the 2 – 5 foot range. The board was great and I definitely felt I was catching more and better waves as a result. All I can say is thanks again and if you tell someone they are on the wrong board they should listen.

All the best
Paul Drayton

Hi Tim

Hope you’re well and the weather is as good as it is in England.  I’ve just returned from a magical week surfing in Croyde with my new board (pics attached)!!  The board is brilliant; Adrian has done a great job.  Thanks again for designing the specs – it’s certainly versatile, and I was pleased to be riding across some green waves on it and getting the feel for it very quickly.

All the best and hope to see you soon

Dear Guys

Just a quick e mail, having been out on my new board a bit now. It is absolutely epic, is sympathetic to my not so slickness and looks after me in the perilous awkward places I seem to put it in. In all seriousness I have improved quicker in a few weeks than two decades and am totally inspired. Thank you so much.

Best wishes
Jo x

Hi both

I just wanted to let you know that I got to take the board out for its first surf last week. We had a great afternoon at Pease Bay in East Lothian – conditions were great and I love the board! The size is perfect and she sailed easily over the waves when paddling out. And I love the colour – exactly the colour I asked for!

My confidence is growing in bigger surf and I managed to catch a couple of really good rides. My surf buddy was also very impressed by the board and the guy who runs the surf shop in Coldingham Bay was very curious and interested to know how I knew of you. I explained the Lanzarote connection – hope that was ok.

Thanks so much again to you both – I absolutely love the board! Conditions are looking good again for the weekend so fingers crossed …

All the best,

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