Not to scare anyone who tried to escape the confinements of traditional competitive sports by becoming a surfer, but there are rules in Surfing. Well, they’re not really rules, it’s more like an unspoken law; a hierarchy and respect that exists between surfers (which could be also known as localism) that has been ingrained into surfing for decades that new surfers and the most experienced should adhere to.

Here are at RideWithLocal we encourage riders to be more informed about technique, history and etiquette to improve the overall experience, so we brought in our spiritual leader, Tim Jones, to place the surf silverware. Sure, some might say, “I remember that guy Jonesey, he me snaked back me ‘82!

How is he going to teach me manners?” but even old mate had to learn to leave his ego on the beach, hold the metaphorical door open for others and see the surfing experience from all perspectives. There is an approach that will keep everyone safe and smiling. It is something that comes with experience.

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