Head Space is an online platform that’s changing our perceptions of mindfulness and meditation. We have a close relationship with co founder Andy Puddicombe here at Surf School Sri Lanka and together we decided to incorporate Head Space mindfulness training into what we offer you, before, here and after your visit to us.

Andy Puddicombe co founder of Headspace and Tim Jones, Surf School Sri Lanka’s director’s friendship began years ago over shared waves in the Canaries. With both knowing the magic of surfing they could see how introducing mindful practices to surfing and surf coaching the results could be so beneficial.  That idea has come to life at Surf School Sri Lanka.

“When we sit to meditate we are practicing flow. Sure, we might be  training the mind to be a little more focused, a little more disciplined, but mostly we are learning how to set it free, how to be at ease, how to let go of the noisy chatter and inner critic. To surf with a sense of freedom and ease is to surf well at any level; to let go of thinking is to be present in the moment, at one with the wave. Ultimately, meditation and surfing are one in the same thing”

Andy Puddicombe co founder Headspace. 

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