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surfing at Surf School Sri Lanka
surfing at Surf School Sri Lanka

FAQs for travel and in general

Do I need a visa to visit Sri Lanka?

Yes! You will need a visa to visit Sri Lanka.

Please go to this website www.eta.gov.lk and follow their instructions.

You can renew a 30-day tourist visa twice, for 30 days each time. Contact the Department of Immigration and Emigration

Which airport do I fly into?

Bandaranaike International Airport Sri Lanka’s one main airport is 30km north of Colombo.

For our purposes there is only one airport to arrive at and do not be confused by the existence of MattalaRajapaska International

Do you have wifi access?

Nearly all accommodation has free WIFI but the signal is often poor. In the event of any emergencies you will , of course , be able to use the WIFI at our centre.

How do I get to and from Colombo airport?

The easiest & most convenient way to and from us is by transfer by taxi. It will take between 2-3hrs to reach the south coast & Ahangama and we will arrange for a taxi service to meet you upon arrival and drive you to your accommodation.  The cost is $170  for a return trip and $85 one way, which can be paid when you make your surf course booking. We can also offer a quote on transfers from other locations in Sri Lanka. Accommodation staff will be there to meet you on arrival.

What do I need to bring?

We would recommend for you to bring, flip flops or sandals, high factor 30+ waterproof sun block we do also have good zinc surf sun block for sale at the center, sun hat, light weight clothing, mosquito repellent  and a reusable water bottle. A sarong or lightweight trousers must be worn when visiting Temples.

Do I need any vaccinations?

Not necessarily. Do make sure that you are Tetanus inoculation is up to date and some of you may find you wish to have a booster for Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Our area has no issues with Malaria but do bring mosquito repellent, and our local dogs are more likely to lick you to death than give you Rabies!

Do I need to bring an electrical adaptor to charge my things in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has many and varied plug systems, but do bring an adapter.

Do I need to bring currency?

You can order Sri Lankan Rupee at your bank but it is not necessary. There will be currency exchange offices at all airports and at Colombo airport. However, ATM machines are numerous and we particularly recommend Commercial Bank of Ceylon ATM’s and there are several of these close to your accommodation.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, you do and we do not accept clients at Surf School Sri Lanka who do not have adequate insurance cover. There are many travel insurance companies that will suit your needs, but we do have favourite. World Nomads have been providing excellent cover for ourselves and our clients our Lanzarote school  for many years and cover the sport of surfing .

What’s your cancellation policy?

Please check and read carefully our T&C’s page for all details on our cancellation policy.

For more information on your travel to Sri Lanka, check out these useful websites.






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Accommodation FAQs

Do you have swimming pools?

There are various hostel hotels who have swimming pools

Do you have WiFi?

Yes all accommodation has free WIFI . It can be erratic at time but the service is improving

Do you organise a social side to your school or any entertainment?

Yes we do organise evening meals at local restaurants once a week. However people always come together to socialise, and it’s easy to meet others.

What is Kabalana like, are there shops and restaurants?

It has got busier over the years and there are various places to eat and relax. There are some local shops where you can get fruit, drinks and other items. The nearest supermarket is in Ahangama that also has a variety of restaurants and places to chill.

Are there places to buy surf gear, sun block etc?

Yes there are surf shops like Cheeky Monkeys in Midigama and Dilums Surf Shop in Welligama. As it is becoming more popular there are various places to get surf gear, we however sell good Zinc sun block.

Is there much night life?

Yes there are various places through out the week and weekend that offer night life. Please ask the staff for any recommendations when you are there.

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Surfing Course FAQs

How many people are on the courses normally?

We work at a surfer to instructor ratio of 4 to 1 and groups are normally set at 12 surfers. Our surf spot is able to accommodate everyone with a large area being used.

How old are the people on the course and what are they like?

Our course members are normally professionals within the ages ranges of their mid 20’s to late 40’s. We do of course have older and younger clients and families too. These are people from all over Europe, Australia and New Zealand , the Emirates and sometimes the U.S.

I have surfed for quite a few years. Can you teach me anything?

Absolutely, we can. We have a super wide range of abilities on our various courses and have coached National Squad level surfers male and female. We know that there is so much to be gained for our Intermediate and Advanced courses.

Do I need to bring my own board?

Probably not, as we have a wide range of high quality boards here, but do tell us what you want to bring and of course it’s fun to be coached on the board you normally ride. We can send you an advice attachment on how best to pack it too.

Do you only teach in English?

Yes we do and if English is your second language we make sure all our instructions are clear and easy to understand. A lot of surf teaching is very visual so you’re not to worry if you have weak English language skills.

Are there sharks or other nasties in the water?

No, not where we teach and if there were we would be the last ones to be coaching there. We don’t like nasties!

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