It is great to have goals to achieve in your surfing no matter what your level is. To know how far you have progressed on your course and what to work on in your future surfing. Knowing you current level can also help you in your inquiry’s with us.

The Surfer Award Scheme has been used by us for over 25 years. We are one of the few schools that use a structured system like this and we know from our clients’ feedback that it really works for them too.

It is based on a simple grading system running through Bronze, Silver and Gold awards and in each of these there are 3 levels:


Riding down an unbroken wave, and riding for longer than 5 seconds under control. The surfer can pass through white water using a basic turtle roll or duck dive.


Riding, either left or right across an unbroken wave under control.


Riding across an unbroken wave both backhand and forehand and the surfer is able to make basic bottom and top turns under control.


The surfer can ride across the unbroken wave both left and right making a clear and intentional maneuver, under control.


They can ride across unbroken waves showing linked maneuvers under control at all times. They must be able to do this backhand and forehand. The ride is completed under control.


The surfer can ride waves to head high (their head) completing a series of maneuvers that are performed with speed power and flow.


The wave size must be head high or overhead. The surfer must perform radical controlled manoeuvres in the critical sections with speed, power and flow.

If long boarding then show a combination of traditional and modern manoeuvres, a combination of major manoeuvres and a variety of manoeuvres.

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