We base our coaching on you, the person on this surfing journey. With 38 continuous years of coaching we’ve developed unique techniques and a system that allows every individual to find personal progression and success.

We are known for that care and attention at our Surf School Lanzarote over the last 24 years and before that in the UK and it turns our regular client base into an international family. From total beginners who we’ve seen become national champions and who now coach others, this system works.

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Video analysis on a daily basis is also a key to your progression. We know that the in detail insights that our coaches give you into your paddling and riding bring new understanding to your surfing and progression into your next session.  Lots of fun too of course but vital to our system.

Much of our work is based on perfecting the skills of balance and timing and understanding the ocean and waves that gives you a new skill set that will stay with you forever. Our unique balance board system will truly accelerate your learning curve.

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For long boarders we open up the possibilities of using their craft with greater style, control and grace.

We also use the longest running surfer assessment scheme that we know motivates and inspires and this progression is backed up by our YouTube coaching channel Surf Insight.

So here in amazing Sri Lanka we have world of waves and coaching that will inspire, enrich and empower you to become the surfer you wish to be.

Perhaps that’s the key to our success, making your dreams our dreams and then making both a reality. From coaching you to designing your next board to planning your personal training to helping with your next surf trip, our level of involvement is total.

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